Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wedding Stationery: Sam + Gavin

Sam and Gavin have been such an absolute pleasure to work with over these last couple of months. Thoughtful, calm and organised - our ideal clients! Sam had a clear idea about what she wanted - a soft palette of shimmer pink and dove gray in a contemporary, timeless design. We loved putting together these classic invitations together - we hope you love them, Sam and Gav! This gorgeous couple tied the knot this past weekend (and so did Xanthe and Tim who we featured last Friday) - we wish both these couples all the happiness and love in the world.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Wedding Trend: Vintage Gatsby

Whether you refer to it as the Jazz Age or the Roaring Twenties, brides are still choosing this elegant, extravagant theme and it is set to stay as a wedding trend in 2014. It's the look of the Great Gatsby with extravagant amounts of pearls, crystal candlesticks, gold rimmed china, and gorgeous vintage headpieces. We did this post on The Great Gatsby a while back and still love this trend. They say all that glitters is gold, and we couldn't agree more! Two of our recent clients have both had quotes from this famous book on their wedding stationery.
“The honour would be entirely mine if you could attend my little party.” 
"Among the whisperings and the champagne and the stars"

- F. Scott Fitzgerald -
Our inspiration board below shows all our favourite parts of this wedding trend... headpieces, gold embellishments everywhere, and gorgeous art deco inspired stationery. What do you think about this trend?

Friday, April 11, 2014

Xanthe and Tim - Wedding Stationery

A while ago, to celebrate our new look, we hosted a really fun giveaway for all our readers. One lucky bride was going to walk away with her wedding stationery specially designed by us *for free* which included a save the date, wedding invitation, ceremony program, menu and seating plan design. We were thrilled when Xanthe, our winner, first described the look and feel for her wedding. Xanthe and Timmy are tying the knot this Saturday in a day wedding held in Cape Town. Their theme is all about bold, earthy palettes and rustic, natural textures that speak to the Fynbos surroundings of Cape Town that we all know and love.

Dark moss green with splashes of yellow and coral complimented a rustic twine rope that held a kraft and black luggage tag. The look was completed with matching envelopes and a wrap around, personalised envelope sticker. We had originally also proposed a dark moss green coloured invite which we just had to show you too! Which is your favourite?

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Wedding Venue: Cairn of Old Kilgobbin

"A venue with heart, soul and a whole lot of country." You really get the feeling of homeliness from this venue, and from it's owners. What makes the Cairn of Old Kilgobbin so unique is that it's weddings and functions are limited to daylight hours, so that guests can admire the surrounding landscapes, finding themselves between a Dargle sky and a slice of rolling lawn. Guests can hang over a wooden fence and have a conversation with one of the magnificent Friesian horses, and as the last guests drive sedately down the hillside, their resident owls can glide across a quiet farm and the tree dassies can wake up and arouse the rest of the forest night life.

When you book the Cairn, they also give you two cottages, 'Gobbins' and the 'Coop'  for yourself or your guests, and the entire farm is yours to explore. The garden of the old homestead is a wonderful setting for photographing special moments with loved friends and family. Just a few bends down the dusty road is the Crab Apple Chapel, who also have guest cottages tucked between their rose garden and the forest.

This Midlands venue is quaint, unique and comes with passionate owner Carlene, who makes it her aim to make each wedding at the Cairn of Old Kilgobbin as unique as the bride and groom themselves.

The Basics:
Where: the Dargle valley, Natal Midlands
Style of Venue: country and vintage
Contact: Carlene 082 807 7772,
Where are you on the web:

Does your venue come with an indoor or outdoor chapel?
We have the Crabapple Chapel 300m down a rose lined road

What does the venue package include? 
We can do EVERYTHING for our couples...they literally just give us their ideas and budget and we take it from there. The hiring of the venue includes:

- Access to the farm and the venue from the Thursday to the Sunday for all wedding activities and related staff. The gardens of the old homestead (138 year old stone house set against an indigenous forest and rolling lawns) and all parts of the farmyard may be used for wedding photographs.

- Use of the Cairn for the actual wedding event, at the agreed upon times for not more than 120 people (including children...they do count especially if it rains and they can’t be accommodated outside at a picnic table), unless discussed and agreed upon by all parties. Six hours is the allocated time per wedding and a fee of R1000 per hour is applicable thereafter. The latest hour is 6pm.

- Includes 2 nights (Friday and Saturday) accommodation in our 2 cottages, the Coop for 2 people and Gobbins for 6-8 people. The cottages may be used for the bridal party or for guests planning to stay overnight in the area. The barn has 4 single beds in a dorm type room for some singles! This is to the value of R7200 plus vat = R8208.

- Use of the vintage dinner services, standard cutlery, glasses and enamel ware that we own, décor pieces such as flower containers made of tin and lace, buckets, enamel jugs, milk cans etc, square hay bales and covering blankets, picnic blankets and ice buckets, ice bath, fabric bunting, old wooden dressers and tables . We have 16 wooden tables and 140 wood and iron chairs that you can use too. We can make table runners for you if we don’t have exactly what you want for a small fee.

- Carl’s creative input on décor, from flower advice to country bunting, table settings to outdoor activities for your guests, and the set- up of the farmyard to enhance the ambiance of the day.

- Staff to set up décor, tables and general clean up before and after, plus Karen and Carl will be your coordinators/gophers/slaves for the day of the wedding from dawn til dusk. Karen is the original creator of the NWJ Bridal Fair, is an artist and a PRO and marketing person of great creative thought. Carl is the owner of the Cairn and Old Kilgobbin, has decorated the cottages and the Cairn, and was the architect of all these buildings and their surrounds. With a Fine Arts degree and years of artistic interests under her belt, she can visualize your dreams and make them materialize, according to the budget set by yourselves.

- Old Kilgobbin will undertake to have the surrounding area and buildings in the best possible condition…lawns mowed, buildings clean and beautifully decorated to create a farm atmosphere, and horses can be placed in paddocks around to enhance the farm feel.

- Our sound system for background music and speeches...we have speakers in the rafters, and wireless mikes plus a stand. All you need is a playlist on an ipod, ipad or PC, plug it into our amp and so no need for a DJ.

- The use of our 1965 MK2 Jaguar (Old English White with red upholstery) for getting the bride to and from the Chapel and for any photographic opportunities for the rest of the afternoon. Worth R1500 plus vat.

The venue hire doesn't include:
- The catering or the catering staff and all related activities
- The bar beverages and extra barmen. We supply two barmen. We have all the glasses.
- Hiring in of other cutlery and crockery and glassware other than the vintage ones we have
- Special décor items required as requested by the client such as vases and tablecloths
- The florist and the flowers (option: Carl can do basic flowers for R750 plus vat, and can organize Kerry to do the bouquets and if necessary chapel flowers)

What are the catering options? 
We have preferred caterers, Margie from Aubergine, and Cathy from Cookalooks.

Does the venue include a honeymoon suite? 
We have two cottages that are part of the package and one could be used as a honeymoon suite, but usually they are used by family.

Is there a reception closing time? If the wedding goes over time, do you charge a fee? 
Our venue is unique in that we only do daylight weddings. So our closing time is 6pm and yes, we do have a fee for overtime.

Does the venue come with a wedding planner? 
Yes, me! And I am a wonderful slave. Because this is not just my business but also my home, I take extra pride in everything I do as I am only as good as my last wedding and I am more commiteed to excellence more than any paid employee could be

What kind of size wedding can be held at your venue? 
This venue is suitable for smaller wedding. 80 to 100 is really comfortable, but we can accommodate up to 120 if need be.

What kind of bar is run at your venue? 
We aren't licensed so we invite folks to organize their own drinks and we supply barmen who run the bar for them. We also use a local wine merchant to supply drinks if the couples don't want to fuss with it, and the Thistle Hotel bar services are superb too.

Other good things to know about this venue? 
Every aspect of the wedding is important to us and we put the guests at the top of the list...happy guests who feel pampered and looked after, who are never at a loose end, or hungry or thirsty. We believe relationships, friendships and conversation are the most important part of the day and we make that the focus of the day. The day is for the bridal couple to commit to each other in the presence of special friends and family, and we supply all the ingredients for a successful day. Because the barn is part of a busy farmyard, herds of friesian horses, the family dogs and the resident donkeys are all part of the beautiful surroundings and an enormous indigenous forest is the ultimate backdrop to the whole scene.

Monday, April 07, 2014

Great Cocktail Hour Ideas

Cocktail hours needn't be the standard finger food bonaza that we're all so used to. If you're a bride looking to fill your day with some interesting twists, why not use your cocktail hour to do so. They can be great, interactive ice breakers for your guests as well a chance to show your food loves. Here are some of our favourite ideas:

Hot Chocolate Bar: This is perfect if you're hosting your wedding during the chillier months of the year. Stock up your bar with a variety of flavoured hot chocolates as well as delicious extra toppings that guests can add themselves. Think chocolate shavings, cinnamon sugar and marshmallows. Wrap plain coffee cups in cute sleeves that match your stationery to complete the look

Donuts and Milk: Doesn't this just look so quaint? Frost your donuts in your wedding colours and pair with matching straws for a cute visual effect. These would be the perfect midnight snack too!

Popcorn Bar: Who doesn't love warm and buttery popcorn right? Pre-make your popcorn or hire a popcorn maker and adorn your table with paper bags and assorted salts for your guests to help themselves. Don't forget to add chocolate and candy pieces to your bar for guests who have a sweet tooth!

Coffee Bar: If you're a coffee-lover, then this seems like a natural choice right? Make it interesting by including a variety of blends and flavoured syrups to your table. Offer biscuits or chocolates to be snacked on with the coffee and give your guests freshly ground beans of your favourite blend as favours.

Milk and Cookies: This is the classic take on the donut and milk idea we mentioned earlier. We think this would make a fab midnight snack too. Keep things interesting by offering a variety of cookie types. Chocolate Chip and Oatmeal are our favourite choices!

Tacos and Margherita's: If you love Mexican food, why not serve your guests mini tacos with a shot size portion of Margherita? Switch it up and offer a variety of taco's. Fish and Chicken tacos are a must!

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